Oh, God, Alice. You’ve zipped me back to those “awkward teenage years.” Trying to please everyone. Like, as you’ve shown here, that’s gonna change things.

Anyway, my experience with this mindset went hand-in-hand with my writing style back then: “Edit as you write a draft.” Which is stupid.

A wonderful mentor-editor said to me, oh, about five years ago: “Write to length.” By which he meant, write it all out. Then put it away. Then edit. And edit again.

I think less about perceived audiences these days and just try to please my inner editor. The inner writer is a hack, but inner editor wouldn’t have any “work” without him.

Cheers my friend. Best to the hubs.

Writer, editor, and media maker. Blogs at Completely in the Dark (www.completelydark.com) and lives in Minneapolis, MN. I notice things.

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