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May Rendezvous, or Patricia Kopatchinskaja’s Feet

Michael Maupin
2 min readMay 8, 2018


Oh May, you always do this to me.

You are amazing and I love you, but you are so manic. I’m afraid I can never keep up with you.

You move so quickly. You make me crazy.

I have to prepare for you.

And so I will.

Here is a rose from a couple years ago. It is still beautiful.

Friends, I’ll be here on Medium twice a week through the rest of May. It’s insane since I’m also producing a memoir video for my family (what remains of it) and moving forward on a class I hope to teach by year’s end. And working, like, for money and shit.

So the plan is to publish to Medium by every Tuesday and then again on either Friday night or Saturday afternoon the same week in May. Having a deadline will be motivating. Let’s call these things “May Rendezvous.”

In the past I always wrote when I was moved by a subject. Now I’ll have to find the subject within the confines of a twice-weekly deadline.

Yeah, like anyone ever thought that was a fun idea.

Right now, I’m back from a visit to a local treasure, The St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, and a performance by their amazing current artistic director Patricia Kopatchinskaja. This past Saturday I sat in the second row of the Ordway Center transfixed on … her feet.

Aforementioned artist’s feet, in mid-conversation.

The video on Kopatchinskaja’s YouTube channel tries to explain her approach to art and music, but it seemed to me her feet did a better job:

“Lean in with all your heart.”

“If by leaning in you fall, you will need to get back up.”

“Then find the music. It will be like an echo. If you send sound out, it will come back. Continue the conversation with the music. See where it leads you.”

And so, today I go forward.

To see where it leads me.

See you again in four days!



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