Jack, I think you’ve nailed it through Hollis’ book/podcast/thingee (I’ll have to check it out). Actually, what we have to offer we’ve always “had.” The permission thing is big and we look for it in people who are especially close to us. My parents are dead now, so I can’t seek it there. But it lives in old friends and one surviving brother who doesn’t give a shit about creativity (or DOES and just won’t admit it). I get it and allow him space to not be judgmental. But if I hear judgment from anyone else, I’m lightning-quick to slam back. And I think that’s how it should be. Defend your right to be creative and vital. We need that, not more pretension and talky-talk. Cheers mate.

Writer, editor, and media maker. Blogs at Completely in the Dark (www.completelydark.com) and lives in Minneapolis, MN. I notice things.

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