Daytalking (left, from Completely in the Dark), Nightwalking (courtesy of ShinyRobot), and Stargazing (again, CITD).
Retrieved from NASA Goddard, published on May 31, 2017.
“The Golden Apples of the Sun” was first published in 1953.
Mugnaini and Bradbury together in the early 1960s. (Photo by Diana Robinson, estate of Joseph Mugnaini, copyright 2002. Retrieved from Bradbury: An Illustrated Life by Jerry Weist, published by William Morrow 2002.)
Joseph Mugnaini’s illustration from Ray Bradbury’s “The Golden Apples of the Sun.”
“…my stories have led me through my life. They shout, I follow.”

Writer, editor, and media maker. Blogs at Completely in the Dark ( and lives in Minneapolis, MN. I notice things.

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